Monday, March 14, 2011

Sidecking FTW: Infernities

In this new format Infernities may see some play, now let's see how to side them!

                                                 First, and foremost, there's Consecrated Light, once infernities get going it's hard to stop them, but this getting dropped (especially turn 1) shuts down the whole deck almost!  Considering most infernities only run DARK monsters, this card shuts them down!  Just remember they will side stuff like Cydra and make brio, just to get rid of this.  So while good, it has flaws.

Infernities will gain power with Trishula, Dragon of the ice barrier, and they special summon a lot anyway.

                                                   A great card to stop that is: Royal Oppression

If you're not playing something like gadgets (In which case you should be main decking this) you should side in oppression, even if you run warning this is still a good side deck for infernity.  Being able to stop there special summons cuts off a lot of there big plays, like launcher, hundred eyes etc.  A great choice., with a cheap cost too!

Now, the infernity graveyard can be a problem.

                                                      Crevice into the different dimension is a great way to stop that!

                   It can chain to big plays stopping them dead in there tracks!   Macro cosmos, D.D. Crow, and Dimensional Fissure are also great ways!

That's the basic ways to side infernities.

- This post is brought to you by ftwteamwar and a friend of Kyle Krudo

1 comment:

  1. I'm afraid that most of those are useless (I know, I have had them used against me).

    Consecrated Light falls to BoM, Infernity Break, side decked cards and general destruction.

    Royal Oppression is rather pitiful. I've Trap Stunned it, built a massive field, and then left my opponent unable to respond because of Oppression.

    Crevice is a trap card, I promise it wont work.

    Cosmos and D Fissure die to side decking, so I wouldn't side them game 2. CotH and Archfiend's Roar render Crow useless.

    Of course, I'm a veteran player with the deck. The may work on less experienced players.