Monday, March 14, 2011

Sidecking FTW: Infernities

In this new format Infernities may see some play, now let's see how to side them!

                                                 First, and foremost, there's Consecrated Light, once infernities get going it's hard to stop them, but this getting dropped (especially turn 1) shuts down the whole deck almost!  Considering most infernities only run DARK monsters, this card shuts them down!  Just remember they will side stuff like Cydra and make brio, just to get rid of this.  So while good, it has flaws.

Infernities will gain power with Trishula, Dragon of the ice barrier, and they special summon a lot anyway.

                                                   A great card to stop that is: Royal Oppression

If you're not playing something like gadgets (In which case you should be main decking this) you should side in oppression, even if you run warning this is still a good side deck for infernity.  Being able to stop there special summons cuts off a lot of there big plays, like launcher, hundred eyes etc.  A great choice., with a cheap cost too!

Now, the infernity graveyard can be a problem.

                                                      Crevice into the different dimension is a great way to stop that!

                   It can chain to big plays stopping them dead in there tracks!   Macro cosmos, D.D. Crow, and Dimensional Fissure are also great ways!

That's the basic ways to side infernities.

- This post is brought to you by ftwteamwar and a friend of Kyle Krudo

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Returning To Our Graves - Zombie Gadgets

Table of Contents
I - Introduction
II - Deck
III - Strategies/Description
IIII - Closing Statements

I - Introduction
Zombies, once supreme rulers of the metagame, have now been hit and weakened. They have had little to no showings in top events lately, but I plan to change that. Zombies focus on the grave (Grave Control) and abusing plaguespreader and mezuki to synchro and gain constant +1's.

Gadgets are the kings of Anti - Meta, and are usually used to splash into Anti Meta decks and machina. They generate constant plusses, and have such allowed them to top many events.

These two decks, usually thought to have no compatibility, have now been combined

II - Deck List
Monsters 24
[3] Zombie Master
[3] Pyramid Turtle
[3] Goblin Zombie
[2] Green Gadget
[2] Red Gadget
[2] Yellow Gadget
[2] Spirit Reaper
[2] Cyber Dragon
[1] Mezuki
[1] Plaguespreader Zombie
[1] Ryko, Lightsworn
[1] Dark Armed Dragon
[1] Sangan

Spells 11
[3] Enemy Controller
[2] Book of Life
[2] Mystical Space Typhoon
[1] Monster Reborn
[1] Dark Hole
[1] Foolish Burial
[1] Book of Moon

Traps 5
[2] Bottomless Trap Hole
[1] Call of the Haunted
[1] Torrential Tribute
[1] Mirror Force

III -  Discussion and Strategies
This Build may look strange. You may be thinking
3.Pyramid Turtles?
3 Goblin Zombies?
3 Enemy Controller?
All very justified thoughts. But the triple Pyramid Turtle and triple Goblin Zombie are important. They search all the key pieces used for my plays, allowing me to explode, aswell as making the destruction of my monster a solid 0 or +1 instead of a -1. They help me keep Hand and Field Advantage/Control.
Triple Enemy controller is important aswell. They are either
A.) Brain Control with a bigger cost
B.) Nerfed Book of Moon
Either way, it helps to use them. I can gain +1's and such by sacrificing Goblin Zombie and Sangan, and also get some key cards in grave such as mezuki while also taking an opponets monster.

The main point of this deck is to gain constant +1's and eventually explode via Zombie Master, Plague, Mezuki, and the gadgets. The gadgets keep hand advantage to discard for Zombie Master. Then i spam synchros. One tuner, but this tuner is so expandable and revivable its not even funny. Spirit reapers allow lvl 5 synchros aswell as an airbellum/marshmallon fusion.

Key cards for this deck Are Zombie Master, Gadgets, Mezuki, and Plague. The side deck shall remain a secret, aswell as the extra deck, due to the fact im heading to another regional soon. Common counters to this deck include Anti-Meta, Consecrated Light, Pulling the rug, Herald, and the always imminent True Six Samurai. This deck plays well against many of the common meta decks.

This deck is brought to you by both Leader) and A friend of his.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Card Of The Day - Legendary Six Samurai Shi En

Since we missed tuesday's, here we go!

  Star.svgStar.svgStar.svgStar.svgStar.svg Dark.svg

1 Warrior-Type Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner "Six samurai" monsters
Once per turn, when your opponent activates a Spell/Trap card, you can negate it's activation and destroy it. If this face-up card on the field would be destroyed, you can destroy another face-up "Six samurai" monster you control instead.

Legendary six samurai shi-en Is one of the main focuses of the LSS (Legendary six samurai) deck,and for good reason,being able to keep him alive by sacking (destroying) another sam (samurai) and negating and destroying all spells and traps activated is nothing to sneeze at!

In addition shi-en being level 5 he's just as easy to summon as Ally of justice catastor and Magical android and with the majority of the six samurai having low levels that makes it even easier!

Also,with 2500 attack points shi-en packs a puch big enough to take down Ally of justice catastor,Magical android and even Black rose dragon!

And being dark effects like Ally of justice catastor don't effect him,Consecrated light does but nobody i'll side that in for sams,and herald decks that main it only main 1 usually.

All and all shi-en is a very good card.

- This post is brought to you by ftwteamwar and a friend of Kyle Krudo

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Demise FTW?

Let's talk today, about a deck that I see potential in this format: Demise OTK.

 3 Demise, King of Armageddon
3 Doom Dozer
3 Insect Knight
3 Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands
 2 Metal Armored Bug
1 Neo Bug
1 Sangan
3 Senju of the Thousand Hands
3 Sonic Bird

 1 Advanced Ritual Art
  3 Contract with the Abyss
1 Giant Trunade
 2 Megamorph
1 BoM

1 Lance
1 Scapegoat

 1 Upstart

3 Decree
3 Trap stun

Now, i'm sure most of you know how demise works so i'll just explain some cards in here.

Now, the first thing your thinking is "3 Decree and 3 stun?"  well, the simple answer is, through testing those 3 stuns can really help for a lot of reasons: If decree is MST'd, if you just need a quick negate and you don't have decree, etc. 

And, 3 manju, senju, and sonic bird is because you have to run that to make it more consistent, I don't worry about space for this, it searches!    The 3 contract and 1 advanced ritual art is through testing with this and happy herald, you need 3 to 1, again it's very consistent.  Lance and upstart are just protechs, and scapegoat is 4 BoM's and if you need to can be contracted away. 

Everything else should make sense but if it doesn't post and i'll reply.

Good luck all!

- This post is brought to you by ftwteamwar and a friend of Kyle Krudo.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Deck of the Week - Sunday/Card of the Week Tuesday/Daily rants, Explanations, Reviews, EXD
So every week i will be posting a deck that has caught my attention. it may not be competitive but it has that creative aspect that i admire. It can
be a deck i made, a deck a friend made, or a random one submitted to my blog. Deck of the weeks will be posted Monday. This Sunday one is
to Introduce my readers to This Segment. When i get more veiwers and followers and such, The card of the week will be started on tuesday. I will review a card I have noticed that Catchs my attention and be done on Tuesday. DECK OF THE WEEK MONDAY WILL BE HOMUNCULUS HEROES.
[3] Gazzele KOMB
[3] Beformet
[3] King of the Swamp
[3] PBCross-Wing
[3] PB Thunder-Pegasus
[3] PB Wild-Horn
[3] E-Hero Woodsman
[2] PB Rock Lizard

[3] Polymerzation
[3] Centrifugal Field
[2] PoA
[2] Monster Reincarnation
[1] Fusion Sage
[1] Future Fusion
[1] Foolish Burial
[1] Monster Reborn

[3] Paradox Fusion

[3] Chimera the flying KOMB
[3] CFD
[2] SD
[1] Brionac
[1] Catastor
[1] SSD
[1] RDA
[1] Collosal
[1] Mist Wurm
[1] Formula Synchron

This week, I have a deck that me and my friends made. This is a Chimera deck. The deck focuses on spamming the field with Gazzele, when he dies using Centrifugal
and His effect to get back both of the fusion materials. Use E-Hero woodsman to recover polymerazation and get them. Fusion sage is another polymerization
searcher. The Phantom Beasts are because of the fact Gazzele is a phantom beast. This deck focuses on using there effects to help us achieve our goal and
also keep control. Phantom Beast cross-Wing is for those small additions to your attack that help you kill those like 200 more attack monsters. Phantom
Beast Wild-Horn is for that piercing damage you would wish you had when your opponet goes and summons Spirit Reaper or Arcana Force 0. Phantom Beast
Thunder-Pegasus is for a nice 2k defender and a free 0 battle Damage. Phantom Beast Rock-Lizard is Self explanatory.
Elec-ist, Ssj4Pikachu, And Deck Creator from Pojo


Got a few decks from my pojo deck gallery. Sry formattings ugly

Sig cant keep holding them all. Gonna post em all here aswell as own threads.

Deck 1 - [YGOCARD]Cyber Ogre 2[/YGOCARD]
[COLOR="DarkOrange"][3] [YGOCARD]Cyber Ogre[/YGOCARD]
[3] BEWD
[3] WSOL
[3] Grimo
[3] Krus
[2] Fabled Raven
[2] Cyber dragon[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Cyan"][3] DWD
[2] [YGOCARD]Fusion Gate[/YGOCARD]
[3] Cards of Cons
[2] [YGOCARD]Pot of Avarice[/YGOCARD]
[2] [YGOCARD]Fusion Gate[/YGOCARD]
[2] [YGOCARD]Hand Destruction[/YGOCARD]
[1] [YGOCARD]Terraforming[/YGOCARD]
[1] [YGOCARD]Future Fusion[/YGOCARD]
[1] [YGOCARD]Book of Moon[/YGOCARD]
[1] Monster Reborn[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Magenta"][2] Paradox Fusion[/COLOR]
[2] [YGOCARD]Stardust Dragon[/YGOCARD]
[2] CFD
[3] [YGOCARD]Cyber Ogre 2[/YGOCARD]
[1] Fab Leviathan
[1] Fab Ragin
[1] Fab Valk
[1] [YGOCARD]Colossal Fighter[/YGOCARD]
[1] Brio
[1] [YGOCARD]Armory Arm[/YGOCARD]
[1] [YGOCARD]Mist Wurm[/YGOCARD]
[1] F.G.D.
Point of the deck is to keep making them [YGOCARD]Cyber Ogre 2[/YGOCARD], Synchro with Fableds, Draw, And Sometimes go F.G.D.MADE BY ELE-CIST AND SSJ4PIKACHU
Deck 2 - [YGOCARD]Masked Chopper[/YGOCARD] Burn
[COLOR="DarkOrange"][3] [YGOCARD]Masked Chopper[/YGOCARD]
[3] Ben-Ki
[3] Iron Blacksmith Kot
[3] [YGOCARD]Giant Rat[/YGOCARD]
[1] Sangan[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Cyan"][3] [YGOCARD]Mage Power[/YGOCARD]
[3] [YGOCARD]Axe of Despair[/YGOCARD]
[2] [YGOCARD]Mist Body[/YGOCARD]
[2] [YGOCARD]Gold Sarcophagus[/YGOCARD]
[2] Infernal Gainer
[2] [YGOCARD]Fairy of the Spring[/YGOCARD]
[1] 1-4-1
[1] Level Limit Area B
[1] MR
[1] DH
[1] BoM[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Magenta"][3] [YGOCARD]Dimensional Prison[/YGOCARD]
[3] [YGOCARD]Kunai with Chain[/YGOCARD]
[2] Ojama Trio[/COLOR]
[YGOCARD]Masked Chopper[/YGOCARD] and Ben Ki beat and burn with equips.MADE BY ELE-KID, SSJ4PIKACHU, AND DECK CREATOR
Deck 3 - [YGOCARD]Fairy Box[/YGOCARD] Control
[COLOR="Orange"][3] Cat of Ill Omen
[3] GraveKeepers Spy
[2] GK Descendant
[2] GK Guard
[2] GK Comm
[2] Stone Statue of Aztecs
[1] GK Chief
[1] Uria[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Cyan"][3] [YGOCARD]Second Coin Toss[/YGOCARD]
[3] [YGOCARD]Necrovalley[/YGOCARD]
[2] Magical Planter
[1] [YGOCARD]Gold Sarcophagus[/YGOCARD]
[1] A-O-D
[1] BoM
[1] DH
[1] MR[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Magenta"][3] [YGOCARD]Fairy Box[/YGOCARD]
[3] Nightmare Archfiend
[3] Imperial Customs
[2] All-Out-Attacks
[2] Mirror Wall[/COLOR]
Abuse [YGOCARD]Fairy Box[/YGOCARD]. Made by Ssj4Pikachu and Ele-kid

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ban List Discussion

Today I guess il discuss the ban list for March 2011. IM BACK! Nother shoutout to Valafar123.

Bans - Goyo Guardian
This Really was not necessary. Goyo was a 2800 stealing beatstick, but not worth the ban. He is still subject to the metagames many ways of removal. Shoulda Stayed at 1
Cold Wave
Now Cold Wave was banned, this was long awaited. A card that purely supports OTK'S? What does that say about our game. X-Sabers and Glads would main this, then one turn active set up and get like a +7. Good Ridance
Mass Driver
WTF Konami. YOU BAN THE FROG AND NOW THIS? There are so many other good cards they could have banned, but they choose a replacable piece of crap card. Mass Driver was good in frog FTK, but they banned Subby. Now cannon soldier shall see play in decks with this. I really dont like this choice on there part, But w/e.
R.I.P Mass Driver Dates - Release - March 1st, 2011

Book Of Moon
Our most vertasile means of defense, The book of moon. This card was amazing and i see why they limited this.
It - Saves your lifepoints from an attack
Stops targetting face up effects
Stops Synchro Summons
Will Stop Exceed Summons
This card was due for a hit, and now many players just lost tons of cash on there CP01 BoM. Sorry guys. GOOD JOB KONAMI!

No Response. Due for a good hit. Expecting ban next format

Gj Konami, You scarred quickdraw and dandy decks for life. This little beast would summon 2 tokens when sent to the gave, From The Field, Hand, Or deck. Worst of all, THEY CAN BE TRIBUTED!?!?
Madness. This guy was also due for a hit, hes destroying in japan. We will see, and maybe hel make a return next format. I sense Exceed Summons with his tokens <3.

Gateway Of the Six
Possibly the most broken card for search power to a specific deck aside from substitoad, This beast would make it EASIER to OTK with sams. If you did it right, this can make then EACH hit 1bill atk. WTF. I was Hoping for a grandmaster AND Kaizan semilimit, but this will have to do. No more OTK for sams! TSS Have been tearing apart the meta, especially in Dallas. This is how they chose to tone them down. GJ Konami

Blackwing - Kalut the MoonShadow
Honests theme specific baby brother has followed him to Limited. This card would help blackwings destroy like they do in japan. Kalut lets you pitch him to give a BF/BW 1400 Atk Points till the end phase. He is a tone down from honest though, so i think until honests banned he should be semi-limited. He would enable Shura to atk over JD and DaD, BF/BW Silverwind the ability to tie with Obelisk, and many other things. This card needed a hit, but IMO it shoulda been semi'd. Blackwings are still viable, dont get me wrong, but this takes the aggro off.